Saturday, May 30, 2009

Garden of Vegan

The time has finally come
To forge our own little plot
To plug in to Mother Nature
And create our home grown tasty spot

We picked, purchased and pressed on for home
With trailor packed full in tow
Reversing, traversing over the lawn
And finally we're ready to go

I stand in awe of my man
His strength, sweat and toil
As he guided, wielded, swung and dug
In a tussle with sleepers and soil

And by time the sun had set
Our tools we had laid down
Proudly pondering potential
Of this new and fertile ground!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Being in one of my favourite nature spots

It's a feeling that comes as you drive
Winding along that road
Where city meets country so suddenly
Where my soul begins to download
A connection occurs without my knowing
A peacefulness sets in
And further into the bliss we go
Relaxation brimming to my limbs
Into the green, the dripping deep green
The rainforest calls me to dive
I answer her with two willing feet
And nowhere else do I feel this hive
A swarm of energy rising
From sodden, brown earth to canopy green
My eyes are drawn so many ways
Filled with beauty pristine
Awareness here is gratitude
For being in such a Lifely place
For all the times I have been here
And for this moment here in grace.

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Raining

It's finally raining here on the coast
The lawns have been longing for wet
That freshness now lingers through windows
A smell you never quite forget

Drinking it in is my soul
It too has longed for the rain
Though watery skies may be shadowy grey
It's balance we yearn to sustain

So pour down and saturate madly
Cleanse with your Motherly care
Nature we love your chorus
Of delicious acquary air!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Talking, doing,
being, dreaming
reminiscing, telling,
imagining, beaming

resting in eachother's kindness
leaning on eachother's words
reassurance given on both sides
she held me and I held her

moments of stillness
moments of pace
time spent together
time in shared space

this is priceless
this is sublime
being one
resonant and divine.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mothers Day

It's a beautiful thing to rise midmorning(!)
To the smell of freshly baked rye sour dough bread
It's what kept my little one busy
While I dreamily stayed in my cosy *Queen* bed.

With her most amazing Dad
She mixed, kneaded and baked
In the kitchen, and later the sandpit
Treats patted and moulded and raked.

And more treats for Mummy today
Given with love that's straight from the heart
Multilayered pages so carefully placed
A most colourful display of art

And especially treated was I
When my beautiful husband brought home
An easter/mothers day gift
Which now creates treasures home sewn...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crown of sunshine and flowers

Thanks to the Craft girls at Silkwood

For the knowhow and the dreams

From which comes this crown of sunshine

Filled with love to its seams.

Bright Red

There are red things popping up
in our back yard paradise

Little dry needle felted toadstools
spotted with snowy whites

There are pom pom blooms to tickle
under giggly little chins

And winged friends feeding over yonder
that flap into flurries and spins.

And one little flutterby girl not red, but colourful too

Dancing round the fairy ring, just cos it's fun to do!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Dreams and Real Life
I love a simple life, close to the sea
I love pyjama days, just you and me
I love the sweet smell of blossoms on the breeze
I love a gently warming vanilla rooiboos tea
I love angellic whisperings, leading me to dream
I love creative urgings unleashed onto paper or screen
I love my little one's face all filled with joy and glee
Oh so many things to love in this life of dreams and reality.