Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ego and Soul

After our last women's circle, I am left in awe once again of the experience and of the company I am blessed with ..........the beautiful watery theme of our evening, the impeccably told story, the accompaniment of soulful songs and candlelight, creative exploration through silk painting and the shared sacredness of brave, beautiful women bearing their Inner Truths....together.

Without going into detail of the night's events, I would just like to honour one moment, one experience which stays with me still. It resonates with me. It holds significance to me. Gratitude fills my soul as I allow one of our beloved women's sharing to penetrate my human Being. I'd like to share with you my reflection...

The ego depicted...
striking painted lines of direction
like driven arrows,
ascending way up,
as high as a mountain.

Reminding me
of all my little struggles.
How tired I am !
of climbing
the ladder towards perfection.

Can I for a moment
find a new perspective?
Allow the warmth,
the sun of my soul
to shine on me
....wherever I am?