Monday, August 16, 2010

Nesting before the Spring

I think most of you know I'm having our second baby very soon. It's a really wonderful time to be expecting the birth of our own child with the season of spring dawning just around the corner. And along with the gorgeous array of birds in our neck of the woods, we too are nesting!! Big time!

Nothing better than a new bubba to inspire some good old hard work and some pretty little projects too. I can't believe the energy I have mustered (in spirts) to finally get to those grubby fingerprints and smears on walls! Yes i've been cleaning the walls and skirting and windows and screens and washing and re-washing.... and on it goes.

And did you know this stuff is contagious??? Well my wonderful hubby has also been chirning out the projects and we're really starting to see some big changes around here. A new play room, a freshly painted guest room, new window dressings, even a new fence! Stuff we've been meaning to get to for so long has simply been done! It's great! I'm one happy Mamma!

Although I think after a month or two of this and I'm really running out of steam now. My little one and I were out in the garden today and I felt like I was trying to pull up the giant turnip as I attempted to stand up after some planting. Honest to goodness I feel like I'm carrying one of those really huge watermelons around with me everywhere. Having said that, it really doesn't take much to turn to the promise of Spring in our freshened up little garden and remind myself of the fruits of our labour soon to blossom! Can't wait!

And here is a photo of the first little gift for our bubba.... thanks again to the Silkwood craft group for the kit for this gorgeous spring mother bird with baby.

Homemade gifts

I just love making and giving these little Steiner inspired gifts to my little one's friends. There's a special joy in learning how from clever creative people (thank you Nikki, Mia, Dionne and team at Heart & Hands Craft Group at Silkwood).... and then getting creative at home and producing gifts for the special little people in our daughter's life. Not to mention how lovely it is to see the smiles on their faces when they know you've given something greater than another 'something' to play with. I really do think that despite the huge commercial pressures of media inspired "stuff" out there in consumer land, that children do sense the love in a homemade gift.