Thursday, July 14, 2011

Winter Spiral

This winter has brought with it lots of circling.
I have felt a bit like a buoy in the middle of a turbulent sea. With the force and energy of all that is going on around me, I topple over and go under and then I rebound back somehow ready to take the next surge. It's cold and uncomfortable and it FEELS isolating, despite the incessant company.
Meeting needs is my rapid concern. Mine are in there too somewhere.
It's a challenging season for me. Round and around I go on this crazy ocean.... feeling a bit like the calm will never come!
Yet I know that eventually I will spiral into a fresh season of NEWNESS....when this winter will be done.
I can't rush it as much as I'd like to wind the clock along a bit some long, stuck days. Rather, I take note, in the moment, of how it all feels and how I am IN it and make a choice about how I would PREFER to be in it..... then do something about that.

What works? What feels BETTER?
How do I get to that better feeling?

This is all part of it actually. Writing about it. Drawing about it. Sharing and being witnessed IN it. These are the little saviours for me. A process of inquiring - unfurling and finding meaning in it all.... gaining hope and momentum for possibilities in a way forward and through. I am stronger and a bit more aware as I take the next few steps. That's good :)