Monday, April 25, 2011

Finding Sacred Essence this holiday

I'm so loving that our women's circle is up and running again for 2011. We have a new website too which helps keep us all connected throughout the month until we meet again in May. You might like to see what we've been up to here.
Our first circle has taken us on the journey inward to reconnect with our Higher Selves.
We have done so through story, sharing/discussion, meditation, song, sacred ceremony and through creating our own crown - a lovely beaded wire head piece.
Our journey began with a wonderful story called Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady. Though our focus was on the theme of sovereignty - and specifically connecting to the Higher Self within, each of us took from the story what was just right for us. I'm a huge believer in the beautiful synchronicities that weave their way through our experiences and if we listen carefully enough and take enough notice, there is so much to be gained!
Over at Sacred Essence, I posted here and here about my experience after the circle of how I have learnt that it is through our relationships that we tap into a well of opportunity for connecting to our Higher Self voice if we just learn to tune into it. For me as always, it seems, this requires a slowing down and a process of mindfulness on what is happening in the moment, as it unfolds. It's getting easier with practice, but it's definitely something I have to keep plugging away at. In fact, it's literally a matter of plugging into a Greater Source of Divine LOVE (my...OUR Sacred Essence) in order to reconnect/refresh/reframe and re-act in a more harmonious way.
I've been practising it these past weeks of school holidays. We've been renovating the laundry, trying to keep up with child-centred activities to keep the boredom at bay and having my mother-in-law stay at the same time. It has certainly been an on-the-go, all emergent exercise in the art of mindfulness! Sometimes I have succeeded in keeping connected to my Higher Self (and my preferred way of Being) and at other times I've felt myself lose touch quite suddenly! I am really finding that what is working most for me is choosing JOY. As I choose the emotional high road for myself, everyone around me seems to benefit. I suppose it's living in that higher vibration that joy brings, which is certainly vastly different to the dull, clanging throb that frustration and a frayed temper brews if given half the chance.
So with that in mind, here are a few JOYOUS moments I have savoured these past few weeks...
I hope your Easter holidays has brought with it some Sacred Essence too!!