Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Brilliant Sewer!

My little one sat beside me as I finished off a dress project I started for her a few weeks ago now. It was one of those projects that sat, draped over my machine between spurts of progress. I started out with this cute print that I got for a bargain - $3 per metre I think it was.... And I only bought a metre of each colour. I tried hunting for a pattern but that's another story...and another day with my little companion.

So now finally, a patternless project is complete.... but I must share the whisperings of my fellow little sewer as she worked....
"I'm a brilliant sewer Mummy..... I'm a brilliant cook AND a brilliant sewer!
...You just put this pin in here and then poke it through there....see Mummy!
.....I'm a bit fussy with putting on things with pins though.... cos I don't like it how they spike you.... that hurts!"

And I have to say, this clumsy Mama sewer needs lots of pins.... and my handy work leaves much room for improvement... =) But it still looks cute on the brilliant sewer! Don't you think?


  1. very extremely cute :)
    What brilliant sewers you both are.

    I thought your post was going to be about a brilliant drain (sewer)!! I was intrigued to say the least :)

  2. Too sweet...patternless sewing and all...seems to me there are two brilliant sewers in your home!

  3. HAHA! Yes i had the same thought as I looked at the word "sewer" published on my blog.... I actually had to look it up and check that it was a real word.... Thankfully, yes Encarta Dictionary English (U.K) has
    sewer(3)(noun) somebody or something that sews. PHEW! (That is after uses (1)the drain and (2) a medieval servant!)

  4. so precious... that your little was part of the process of helping you with her sweet dress. don't you just love the little things that they say. yes, there is no doubt she is a brillant sewer just like her mama.

  5. Sooo sweet. It's funny how kids like pins! My Blossom loves putting my pins back into my pin cushion for some reason. She colour coordinates them! Nice work on the dress. Very courageous working without a pattern. I'm definitely not up to that stage yet!