Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Plans and schedules

Today I received a very well intentioned email from my sister about all the upcoming events our "big" family has on the agenda.... all the way into October!

I'm sorry, but I am so disgruntled I had to write a post in protest!

What is it with PLANS?!!

When I was a school teacher the one single thing I really didn't like was being pushed around by the BELL! My day was fragmented and boxed up into gridlines on a page telling me what I had to do and where I had to be at every moment.

When I became a mum, I threw all this out the window and seized my new life of spontaneous present moment living and demand feeding with both ...hands... and well...all of myself really.

I have to admit, I do look back on those early couple of years and wonder if more routine wasn't called for, particularly with regards to my little one's eating, waking and sleeping rhythm.

But rhythm is a separate issue entirely to filling one's calendar. Are you surrounded by people who fill their days, weeks and months? I can't keep up.

I know it's nice to have things to look forward to and to know when big events are coming up, but GEE, I like my spontaneity.... I love blank spaces on my calendar, just LOVE them!

In fact, I have a blank space on my calendar for this afternoon (until pick-up time), so I'm off to do whatever I fancy! Might go rest in the hammock and listen.



  1. I hope you did go and rest in the hammock and drink in the sounds :)
    I love my blank spaces too - but there aren't enough of them!
    j xx

  2. I like your page, I came in from Lavendily's site. I am a teacher, too, and hate timetables so much I only do supply teaching so I only have to deal with them in small bits.

    Your sister sounds like my SIL! We get 'itineraries' of her and her family's whereabouts whenever they return to Australia for a month or so (she teaches overseas). It drives me insane to think they expect us to put them up because they have 'advised' us when they will be in town. We have never offered them the use of our lounge room yet!

    Love your site.