Saturday, August 1, 2009

Birdlife Presence

In my quest to be more present in my everyday life, I have been noticing more. One of the blessings about living where we do is that we are descended upon each day with a colourful spectrum of birds in the dozens... or more. I scarely know their names nor can I match them to all the songful calls that fill our skies here. I have taken to pointing them out to our little one and while we're admiring, I've been photographing them....
Look at these noisy crazies...

and this little cutie made itself quite at home....

on the edge of my yoga mat...

This is one of many kookaburras that fill the area with cheer each day...

and this little cutie is one of a pair who have been dancing together and
drinking sweet nectar from the pom pom flowers...

There are so many more.... lorikeets, magpies, doves, pee wees (is that really what they're called?)

I am really enjoying connecting with nature in this way. Such lovely visitors.


  1. Oh goodness Melissa don't tell me those cockies have taken over the hollow and you will get to watch little one's reared there!? Such pretty feathered friends you have...who love yoga too!

  2. Hi Melissa
    I have left an award for you over at my blog! See you soon

  3. Hi Melissa,
    I have sent you an email - just incase it has gone to your spam. Donna

  4. What a beautiful environment you are blessed to live in! I've been noticing bugs lately!!! They have such amazing colours and patterns for such little creatures.