Monday, September 7, 2009

MYSHA Women's Circle

For the past nine weeks now we have been leaving behind our busy lives, just for one blissful night in the week..... to join together in circle, celebrating our very nature, our sacred feminine, our lives, ....and each other.

Around our cermonial circle of muslin white and silky blue, adorned in blossoms, we have lit our candles and brought light to the sacred within ourselves and between ourselves. We arranged our yoga mats around the circle so that our energy balled like a sphere of feminine light and shade... and we have gently woven a scaffold together... working toward balance. We warmed, soothed and stretched our spirits and our bodies with the beautiful art of Yoga, enriched and nurtured our hearts and souls with creative expression through clay, pastels, charcoal, paint, movement, collage, body sculpture and more.... And we shared.

We have shared with eachother some of our deep feelings and sensings as we described our experience with the artful materials. We have dipped our toes into this multimodal world of creative possibilities and been invited to go deeper through our Inner Wisdom... flesh out and to make sense of our daily lives through the arts, while massaging our ability to be present to the emergent tellings from within and between ourselves.
I only wish I had taken more photos of the beautiful and inspiring work of these beautiful MYSHA women!

And soon it will be time to close our circle and put out invitation to those who will form the next.

Om Shanti


  1. Ooh how lucky to have a little peak into the sacred space you have been creating with these lucky women. It looks very nurturing. I can't believe it is nearly over!

  2. Melissa,
    It seems as if you and I are on same wavelength and goal to provide creative spaces (in their hearts, minds and souls)for women. I love to read about your work! I thank the world for kindred spirits!