Sunday, January 10, 2010

Networks of grace

Recently I received an email through a subscription that I must have signed up for at some point from a man called Andrew Harvey. He has written a book called The Hope A Guide To Sacred Activism (Hay House). It was a book that I felt compelled to buy and read, but didn't.... cos I was in the middle of another email subscription lead .... but that's another post.

Anyway, this email has sent me on a journey over the internet researching into Harvey and I found his recent talk in Copenhagen. His passion and emergency in his speech is overwhelming. Click here to view the speech.

Here are two excerpts from his book which were cited at P2P Foundation

This work is positively INSPIRING!!!!!!!

I know that so many of you out there are conscious beings, with a heart felt concern about the shape our planet is in... and our future....

But what are we really all doing about it? In our own way, perhaps we are all trying to do little bits.... raising our children to be stewards of the earth, to care for each other, making homemade goodies, recycling, reusing, watching our consumption and keeping our footprint a little lighter each day.... the list goes on. But are we really doing as much as we can? Is there stuff we can do together that would make a significantly greater difference than trying to do lots of little bits on our own?

Harvey's vision for success for our future, is activated at the grass roots level.... in small community groups who support eachother in our conscious efforts. I do feel since moving here on the coast that the amazing people in our community are doing this already in so many ways. Maybe though it's time to shift up a gear and grow our sacred that we may live towards a better world for us all. Maybe 2010 is our year to initiate a more fully conscious, creative network of grace!

Like to join me? If you do, please email me! or leave a comment here and I'll get back to you.



  1. Hi,
    like you I travel a lot - and I still have to teach children for a living.
    Andrey Harvey wrote many years ago a great book on his outer and inner travel to Ladakh. As I have been to this part of the Himalaya more than once, this book has accompanied me.
    Well, as to what you write: I have been living like this some decades ago. It was my credo. And not only mine. The green politic was quite big in the 80th here in Germany. But I have to admit, I'm quite disillusionated by the way economy ruled and how things didn't change for the good but for the bad.
    Greetings to a coast I have not seen (yet)

  2. Hi Tally and welcome to my blog!
    thanks for your comment. I'll have to look up that book. I have been to Nepal but not Ladakh. One thing that really impressed me about where you live is your strict recycling and waste management. Germany is so good at that! Happy travels to you. I'm afraid mine have slowed somewhat since becoming a Mum...but now i'm on a different journey. =)