Thursday, December 31, 2009

Now 4!

Our little one is now four!
I can hardly believe how much she has grown.
We spent part of our day celebrating with little friends in the back yard.... playing traditional games and enjoying the summer with a swim...
And we ate the (back up) cake after the icecream cake had a bit of a landslide the night before.

But all was a success.... along with the mushroom house.... her birthday gift from Mama.

complete with dolls of course...

We shared the evening with extended family...for more celebrating.... and somehow we managed to fit in some reminiscing...looking back over photos and little video snippets of her life so far. It was a lovely day... albeit a tad tiring for us all so close to Christmas.
Now I can take a breather!.... and smile widely over the (many) photos and the memories.


  1. Oh four is so big isn't it? ;)
    So very fast yet so very treasured.
    What a big day for you all.
    Beautiful gift Melissa!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your big big four year old! Sounds like her birthday celebrations were filled with joy and magic. Oh, I do love the handmade gifts too - that gnomes house is incredible! Love Donna x

  3. What a beautiful hand-made gift! She will absolutely love playing in and with that magical world. xx Renee