Saturday, December 26, 2009


Isn't the best thing about Christmas that brilliant sleepy eyed smile at ten past five in the morning??!!!

....and the relief you feel when all those hours making turn out to be rewarded in the best possible way!
And just so you aren't in suspense about dolly's name..... it just so happens to be....(drum roll)
Snow White Katelyn Honey-Bun

(at least for now anyway...)


  1. oh yes, I know the relief .... Kaelan has worn his 'police' shirt for three days and two nights now. I think he likes it.
    I am so glad that dolly was so well received and honoured with such a glorious name. Celebrations!

  2. Ah yes the 5am wake up...I was a little *scroogy* but by snuggling the girl straight into my bed we got another hour....well we have to wait for little brother too. ;)
    That cuddle certainly looks like all the reward one would need!
    She turned out just beautifully Melissa! X