Sunday, December 6, 2009

Retreating in the Glasshouse Mountains

I have just returned from an absolutely beautiful yoga retreat in the Glasshouse Mountains.
Once again I feel so blessed to have been in the presence of like minded and inspiring women and in such a gorgeous natural setting!
In the MYSHA session I ran, we meditated on our roles in life
Self at work, Self at home, Self at leisure or Self in Spirit
We created action self portraits and later wrote our own Ode to Self.
It was a creative unfolding journey inward.... and a process coloured with flow and some obstacles too.... and in all of our experiencing we cultivated mindful awareness and gentleness with our Selves.

We honoured our Selves in sacred ceremony, sharing our inner work and play, we sang our hearts wide open and we basked in the collective glow of auras building their brilliance.
And best of all, we grew the living flame of the sacred feminine for all women, everywhere!

Here are some photos for you...

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